about sara hartland-rowe

sara hartland-rowe has shown work throughout canada, in the us, the netherlands, and argentina. she has produced large-scale wall paintings for the art gallery of nova scotia, the windsor art gallery, museum london, the durham art gallery, the koffler gallery and harbourfront gallery. she has won several grants and awards, most recently a canada council creation grant (2008) and a nova scotia arts council grant (2008). her work can be found in public galleries and institutions, and private collections.

in addition to her studio practice, hartland-rowe writes about contemporary art for c magazine (canada) and has published essays on the work of daniel hutchinson, sheila provazza, jack niven, and aaron mclean. sara hartland-rowe is an instructor in the painting department at the nova scotia college of art and design.

artist’s statement, 2010

for ten years my work consisted of cartoon-like figures inhabiting imaginary worlds. these characters struggled with impossible journeys (journey’s end), uneasy relationships (sewn drawings),desecration of their living space (last judgement, keep ithaka always in your mind, disasters and bliss), and murder (the prince). in 2004, my work became seemingly abstract, consisting of nothing more than paint drips pouring down the wall. then i, a monster god, struggled for four years, unable to find a foothold from which to make work.

in 2008 i started drawing the carnival that is times square, and since then i have painted the world around me. that world, however, is a matter of interpretation, framing and flux. my work is ultimately concerned with the tremulous stability of the relationship of one thing to another, whether that of one painted form to another, the painter to the model, or human to environment.

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